Alex O'Loughlin, the Irish-Australian star of "The Back-Up Plan," (above with co-star Jennifer Lopez), says he's glad he's not Robert Patttinson.

O’Loughlin - who is being hailed as Hollywood's hottest leading man - says he's happy to dodge the limelight, for now.

“I don’t really act like I’m famous. I just do my thing. I’m not that famous, dude," he laughed.

"Sometimes I get pointed out or some people shuffle up and ask for an autograph or a photograph, but I’m not at a point where I can’t leave the house, thank God."

Not like uber-hot "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson whose anonymity was blown away by his role as vampire Edward Cullen.

"I think the downsides would be losing your anonymity and not being able to trust people, to tell whether people want to be with you and get to know you because of your celebrity or because of who you are," says Alex

O'Loughlin says his co-star Jennifer Lopez is one smart cookie.

"She’s a very smart businesswoman because she’s made a lot of money, I presume, and she’s had a lot of success and is very well-known.

“She’s a very talented woman, an incredible singer, dancer and writer who’s very good at what she does, as opposed to these people you see these days who are famous for being famous.

O'Lougholin took a swipe at certain reality show celebs when he said some celebs just aren't worth the paper their faces are printed on.

"There are celebrities in this day and age who really have offered nothing artistically but they’re on the cover of magazines and stuff. That world, I don’t really get it.”