Thomas shows her baby bump in New York City

Hilaria Thomas, 28, who is expecting a baby girl with the former '30 Rock' star this summer is surprised that she hasn't been craving strange food.

The fitness instructor and 'Extra' correspondent told "I don't have cravings. I'm waiting to crave pickles and ice cream, but it's not happening. I'm a growing person, so I figure if I'm chowing down on the ice cream and donuts, that's probably not the best thing for her to eat, either."

Earlier this year, Alec, 55, claimed that Hilaria was eating "troughs of pineapple" during her first trimester but she revealed she hasn't craved anything since.

She said: "I didn't eat pineapple before. It was bizarre. I really wanted pineapple."

Hilaria was on hand to support her husband of almost one year at the opening of his new Broadway play 'Orphans' in New York on Thursday.

She said: "People think that just because he's really famous and he's done so many things, he shouldn't be nervous.

"But he needs me to tell him 'good luck' every single time. He's always concerned what everybody thinks. So of course he has some butterflies, but he'll be fine!"