Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf

The 55-year-old actor - who has been accused by the 26-year-old 'Transformers' star of being partly responsible for getting him fired from the Broadway production 'Orphans' - admitted that their bitter feud could result in a lawsuit.

The former '30 Rock' star told the Sunday Times Magazine that they're "potentially in litigation" and suggested that Shia quit the production because he had "never done a play before".

He explained that the pair had issues from the moment they met even though Shia turned up knowing all of his lines "and wanted very badly to prove his worth and abilities."

Alec claimed he was later shocked by Shia's "strange" behavior on the set, saying:  "I've never seen anything like it in my life!" and insisted that the pressure of performing live on stage every night is "not for everybody. Some people come in and you think, they're not going to make it. They're going to implode."

He insisted that there was "no personality clash", but added: "He's a very intense guy. He was roiling with tension that the process was so slow".

Shia was recently said to be still furious with Alec and allegedly wants to "get even" with him.

A source close to the star previously said: "Shia just can't let this one go, he's disgusted with Alec for getting him axed from 'Orphans'.

"He would never dream of whining to a director about a co-stars' performance, which he genuinely believes Alec did."

Shia exited the Broadway play due to "creative differences" weeks before it was due to open, and after admitting he and his would-be co-star didn't connect as "men", he acknowledged Alec could have been instrumental in his departure from the production.