Can someone please reach out to Simon Cowell's girlfriend before she's consumed by the soul crushing orbit of the X-Factor judge's planet sized ego?

Mezhgan Hussainy needs to run, not walk, as quickly as she can from the twinkling doom that is spreading around her like a London fog.

The couple recently spent six weeks apart due to their conflicting schedules but the make-up artist who met Cowell on the set of American Idol still didn't come to her senses.

Cowell has been spending all his spare time planning the U.S. version of The X Factor. The man spends all day every day year after year judging people, so why does Hussainy think she'll fare any better?

But it looks like their relationship is on again after she decided to make the trip from LA to London to see him.

A source told the press: 'Since Mish arrived in L.A., things have quickly got back on track. She has been welcomed into Simon's inner circle with open arms.'

I'm sure she has, the poor thing.