Adam Lambert has pooh-poohed our "American Idol" fave Siobhan Magnus.

Adam, who spent a week as guest mentor on "Idol" says he thinks the contest will come down to Siobhan's four big rivals.

"There's some amazing voices this year. I think Crystal [Bowersox], Casey [James], Lee [Dewyze] and Michael [Lynche], for me, those four really stand out as authentic, pure, amazing vocals," he said.

But Adam says he wasn't surprised to see Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia voted off after whe slammed as "sleepy" performances.

"You know, I think at this point in the competition, it comes down to 'Do you want to be there, or do you not want to be there?'" he said.

"You've got to step it up, get some caffeine going. They were a little sleepy."

Well come on Adam, Siobhan's hardly sleepy.

Anyway, Siobhan's set to perform tonight and we're rooting for ya, Siobhan!