Portrait of Adam Clayton
The U2 bassist's former aide Carol Hawkins denies stealing 181 cheques from the musician over a four-year period and while giving evidence against the 48-year-old defendant at her trial he admitted being "extremely surprised" by the episode because she had previously accused others of being "greedy."

Speaking at the Circuit Criminal Court in Dublin, he said: "She had my absolute trust. We had been together a long time; working together. She had been very conscientious.

"I felt she looked after my money and on many occasions accused others of being greedy, so I was extremely surprised."

Adam even found a therapist for Carol - who worked for the 52-year-old star for 16 years - because he was so concerned about her welfare after she confessed to taking more than 13,000 Euros from him and claimed to be suicidal.

He added: "I was concerned for her health and recommended she see a therapist ... In the matter of the money, I accepted she was a distressed woman. Her marriage broke up; her children had gone away. I said we would have to verify the amounts she had been claiming."

Carol is alleged to have purchased 22 horses, exotic holidays and designer clothing with the funds, the court heard.

The mother-of-two - who was a signatory of Adam's bank accounts - is alleged to have written 181 cheques which she lodged into her own account, as well as her joint account with husband John Hawkins and a separate credit card account.

Carol is accused of taking the money between 2004 and 2008, including making a single withdrawal of 310,000 Euros.

Defence solicitor Ken Fogarty suggested to Adam that Carol had been authorized to spend the cash on more than just household necessities.

But the bassist replied: "I would buy the things I wanted around me, Carol Hawkins bought Corn Flakes."

During the four-year period the former PA is also thought to have earned 48,000 Euros a year and lived rent-free in the 'With Or Without You' star's home in Rathfarnham, Dublin.