Romance alert for Siobhan Magnus!

Seems like the Cape Cod Irish songstress is cozying up to fellow idol Lee De Wyze.

They went for new tattoos together Friday night says a gossip source and then there is this description in the Los Angeles Times of the two together at rehearsals.

“Wearing the same sleeveless denim jacket she sported to the Top 12 party (with the rad Ramones patch on the bottom back), pink high-top sneakers and dark skinny jeans, Siobhan was the spitting image of adorableness, as usual, so you really can't blame Lee DeWyze for cozying up to her in row 3.

"In my gossip magazine days, one might have been tempted to read into the head-leaning and gentle back-scratching (not to mention the ink still drying from their Friday night tattoo run), but I'll leave that to you all.

Hmm certainly sounds like a lover’s convention!

Despite the name De Wyze is also Irish American, his uncle Tom Donahue has been interviewed on the show.

A tragic event in his life was the murder of his grandmother, After a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity another uncle was acquitted.

Lee has a younger brother, Mike, and two older sisters, Shannon & Sarah.