The 78-year-old actress and author has had five husbands and is currently happily married to Percy Gibson, but admits she is still learning when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.

When asked what lessons she has learnt about men during her life, she replied: "I don't think I've learned any. They're all a pain in the neck, except my husband.

"Too many women throw themselves away on men. Allow a man to respect you – give them an inch and they'll take a yard."

The former 'Dynasty' star is famous for her striking looks and glamorous image, and she insists women don't have to be classically beautiful to be glamorous.

She added to the UK edition of Elle magazine: "It's about mystery and not looking like everybody else. It's about grooming, wearing good make-up and having your hair done properly. It's an aura. You don't have to be beautiful to be glamorous."

However, Joan confessed she used to be insecure about her looks after being told by a director she looked "hideous" without make-up.

She recalled: "I'm quite confident. I wasn't always though. When I was 20, I did a movie called 'The Girl in the Velvet Swing' where I played the most beautiful girl in New York.

"The director saw me and said, 'Oh my God. You look hideous. You are so ugly you cannot go around without make-up you can't wear jeans and you must get your hair done.'
I got quite insecure after that, so I never went out unless I had inch-thick make-up on."