Channing Tatum & wife  Jenna Dewan
The couple - who met on the set of 2006 film 'Step Up' and married in July 2009 - play couple Jake and Jess in upcoming film '10 Years' and Channing admits he enjoyed every minute he got to work with his spouse because he loves her so much.

When asked what makes Jenna the perfect co-star, Channing replied: "Because she's my loved one. She's my baby. I mean, I'm with her all the time, might as well just turn the cameras on."

Jenna insists it was relatively easy for her and Channing to portray their characters because they are couple in real life.

In a joint interview with the US edition of OK! magazine, she said: "I guess it was easy. We're playing a couple that has been together for quite some years, playing a boyfriend and girlfriend that have been together for a while, that chemistry was obviously already there.

"We have a very playful energy together in real life and I think we sort of just injected that into Jake and Jess and we didn't put too much pressure on it, to be honest."

The film sees a group of high school friends meet for a 10-year reunion - only to realise that they haven't grown up since graduating.

Channing, 32, and Jenna, 31, attended a '10 Years' lunch on Sunday at the Hotel Chantelle in New York City with the rest of the cast to promote the movie.