An Irish woman in her twenties had a portion of her nose bitten off by another woman in a vicious street fight.

The victim, named only as Aoife, is believed to have been attacked by two women, according to the police. The Irish Independent reports that the attack took place outside a bar, close to Tara Street train station, in Dublin, at 2.45am on Sunday.

Her father, Michael, spoke to RTE’s “Liveline” radio program, hosted by Joe Duffy on Tuesdsay. He said “My daughter was attacked by another girl, she grabbed her by the neck first.

“My daughter gave her a punch and then she got back at my daughter again, got her on the ground and bit half of her nostril off.”

The police report that Aoife was seriously injured, including serious facial injuries.

The police are searching for a women, about 5 foot 3inches in height, of slim build, with long black hair. She was wearing a white tshirt and black jeans. She was accompanied by a taller, heavier woman, wearing her hair in a bun. She was wearing a black cardigan and a purple top. Both women left the scene on foot and many have been picked up by a taxi.