President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney may be tied in the polls after their first debate showdown last week, but young Irish in New York are hoping that Obama can seal four more years in the election next month. Obama will not feel the effects of this support, however, as his young Celtic followers will be unable to vote in the election.

According to a random survey taken by the Irish Voice this week, 76 percent of a sample of 50 Irish men and women aged between 20 and 32 opted for Obama when asked who they would vote for in the election. Only 16 percent of those surveyed remained undecided, and only eight percent stated that they would give Romney the nod if they had the option.

Amy-Norah Farrell, a bartender in Queens, would choose to give Obama her vote as she believes he has taken on a tough job at a difficult time and deserves another run.

“Well every country is screwed anyway isn’t it?” she said, “He may not have fulfilled all of his outlined plans in terms of the economy and all that, but who could in that climate? I think he’s definitely more genuine and has a lot more integrity than Romney.”

Alan M., an undocumented Irish resident living in Manhattan and working in construction, agrees with this stance and again questions the integrity of Romney. 

“Anyone going for the post in the current world economic climate is basically going to martyr themselves, unless they have an ego like Romney’s. He just shouts and raves and makes a load of empty promises,” he feels.

Lilian D., also undocumented and living in Queens, has her own reason for favoring Obama after Romney stated during the debate that he would cut PBS funding. “If Romney is going to fire Big Bird then I’ll have to vote Obama in all fairness. Romney has a creepy smile too,” she said.

Jane M says another Obama term would be better for Irish people. “Sure Romney hates immigrants. We would not get anything off him. Obama’s not great but he might make a few changes for us next time,” she feels.

Jason C., who runs a bar in Brooklyn, is one of the few people surveyed who would support Romney, saying he was impressed by the GOP challenger’s debate performance.

“Romney destroyed Obama in that debate and he showed why he should be president. I wonder how many of the Irish are choosing Obama because he’s a bit of craic and had a pint in Offaly? That could be the best move he ever made,” he said.

Cian B., an undecided observer living in Manhattan, stated that he has no favorite.  “We can’t vote anyway so what’s the point of even looking at it,” he says. 

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