Police have confirmed that WWE star Mark Henry, billed as the strongest man in the world, was in a fight in a Belfast bar during a recent visit to Northern Ireland.

Donegal native James McClay told a local newspaper that police were called and Henry was arrested after he refused to sign a birthday card for McClay's son.  

McClay, a wrestling fan, attended the WWE event at The Odyssey on Sunday with his fiancee, Tanya.

Afterwards at The Hilton Hotel bar he mixed with the stars of the WWE and asked several of them to sign a birthday card for his ten-year-old son Jack.

"I was trying to get as many signatures as possible on the card and my collectors book. Mark Henry was abusive and ignorant but I got his signature and walked away. Suddenly he threw a drink around me from behind.

"I turned around to see him stand and square up to me, suddenly John Cena and Randy Orton grabbed his arms and held him back.

"I honestly thought I was in one of the plot lines back stage. I felt like I was watching this happen to someone else. Suddenly Chavo Guerrero piped up egging Mark Henry on, that really annoyed me as I am a fan of his. I thought this is going to get really bad as all these wrestlers were on their feet."

According to McClay, Henry was offering to fight: "He kept saying 'Where I'm from you do something when someone throws a drink around you.

"He kept calling me a 'little punk bitch.'

"The wrestlers were all genuinely nice people Jamie Noble, Randy Orton, John Cena, Ted DiBiase, Hornswoggle, William Regal, Sheamus and even Mark Henry signed the card, but then it all kicked off and I was left in shock.

"It ruined the weekend to be honest, I was left humiliated afterward. He did this soaking me and my fiancee and our friend. The birthday card is all covered in drink also."

McClay plans to get married in March at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia next year.

"I don't mind going there but I don't think I'll go back to Belfast - what if he comes into the hotel bar again?"

The police confirmed that one male was given an adult caution following an incident in the Hotel Bar.