The Worldwide Ireland Funds today announced that it was doubling the original target for its Promising Ireland Campaign from $100 million to $200 million.

The Campaign, which was due to close at the end of this year, has raised $150 million already and will be extended to the end of 2015 to reach this new goal.  The new target will require the Funds to raise $2 million a month, twice its current level.

Over the last five years, through the Campaign, The Ireland Funds have supported over 350 charities and not for profit organizations across the island of Ireland, North and South, and worthy Irish causes abroad.  All of the monies raised have come from private philanthropists across the twelve countries in which the Funds have a presence.   One third of the Funds' total earnings since its foundation have nearly 4 decades ago have been raised during the first five years of the Campaign.

Commenting, CEO of The Worldwide Ireland Funds Kieran McLoughlin said: “The not for profit sector is key to maintaining Ireland’s social fabric as the country recovers.   The Promising Ireland Campaign is the response of our 2,000 donors across 12 countries.  We are intensifying our fundraising now as Ireland faces a “philanthropic cliff” caused by the collapse in government  and charitable contribution and  the departure of the One Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies which will remove €50 million a year in resources.  Our donors are really standing up when it counts but, despite this being the most successful fundraising period in our 40 year history, we cannot close the gap alone.  Every effort must be made to support the growth of philanthropy in Ireland”.

The Worldwide Ireland Funds are an international philanthropic network operating in 12 countries that has raised over $450 million for worthy causes in Ireland and Irish causes around the world. It is the largest network of friends of Ireland dedicated to supporting programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development.  Founded in 1976, The Worldwide Ireland Funds have benefitted over 1,200 organizations. All funds raised are contributed by private philanthropists at no cost to the taxpayer and represent a net contribution to Irish charities.