According to a new survey released this week by the group Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Ireland is currently the second most charitable nation in the world.

The new report, titled the World Giving Index 2011, lists the US as the most charitable country in the world, followed by Ireland and then Australia.

The report closely examined the charitable behavior of people in 153 countries, measuring three leading indicators they call 'giving money,' 'volunteering time' and 'helping a stranger.'


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The study indicates that the world has become a more charitable place in last 12 months with 2% more charity givers in the global population opting to 'help a stranger.'

The most generous nation in Europe overall, the study found, is Ireland which also ranks second globally.

Last year, Ireland was ranked in third place internationally. This year the study found that 75% of the Irish population gives money to charity every month, 38% volunteered their time and 65% helped strangers.