A Utah woman was so sick of her Afghanistan vet husband’s obsession with video games that she listed him for sale on the classifieds website Craigslist.

Alyse Bradley, from Logan, Utah, put up a post on line advertising the sale of her husband Kyle.

The disgruntled wife told the Herald Journal, “I didn't see him much at all. So one day I told him: ‘I am going to post you on Craigslist, you know…My mother-in-law said: ‘Do it!"'

The 22-year-old vet was released from duty due to a back injury. His wife started to complain when he became engrossed with the game “Modern Warfare”. She said he spent most of his day playing the game.

The couple was surprised by the volume, and the content, of some of the responses to her ad which read, “One husband to the highest bidder”.

A veteran who served in Afghanistan, 22-year-old Kyle Bradley was so engrossed in "Modern Warfare" that he spent most of his day playing the game.

Here's her Craiglist ad:

The ad describes the husband as "easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours." However it also warns purchasers they'll need Internet service and space for gaming.
Alyse even says she’s accept a replacement husband.

The couple, who have been married for two years, found the responses funny.

She said, “We didn't think we would get any responses at all, but we've gotten so many. Someone even offered a blue bag of Skittles."

One response asked for a photograph, while another suggested that Alyse use the free time to go out on her own. They said some people were also concerned about the state of the marriage.

Alyse assured the readers that their marriage was fine and the ad was a joke. She said "I love my husband; of course I do," she said. "He deserves the game after what he's been through (at war)."

Kyle seems unperturbed by the ad. He says he successfully finished “Modern Warfare” in just a few days. He also said that his wife had encouraged him to purchase the game.

He said “I love my wife. She supported me when I got the game. We stayed until midnight to get the game when it first came out. It's just funny."



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