An unemployed mother-of-three has been charged with trying to sell her one-month old baby to a Philadelphia man for $15,000.

Bridget Wismer, 33 from Delaware has been accused of selling her baby to Irish-American John Gavaghan (known as Jack).

Last Tuesday morning, police in New Castle County say that Wismer and Gavghan (54) agreed to the sale and purchase of the mother’s newborn.

Speaking to reporters, Wismer denied the allegations.

"I love my kid as much as anybody could love their kid," Wismer said.

Police from New Castle County were first alerted to the case on September 4 when they received a call from Wismer's grandmother claiming she was "sell her newborn son to a homosexual couple for $15,000 because she did not want the child," according to court documents

Her baby was discovered at Gavaghan house when he was arrested, Her newborn son has since being placed with a foster family in Delaware. She and Jack now face felony charges.

“It never would have happened. I would never have had the baby. I have two children that I've raised. This is devastating for them too, because they haven't seen their baby brother."

The 33-year-old lives with her mother and two sons in Newark and said when she fell pregnant unexpectantly, she went to a clinic to have an abortion.

“I couldn't go through with the abortion. I couldn't just give my baby away. I gave him to a friend who I knew was going to be in his life every day," Wismer said.

That friend was Jack Gavaghan, who didn’t respond when reporters knocked on his door.

"I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong. There was nothing that was hidden, everything was out in the open," Wismer said.

Wismer said her mother had refused to support the new baby and as a result says she had no choice but to sort out a deal with Gavaghan.

Both Wismer and Gavaghan were released on bond. Authorities claim that Wismer’s mother and sister and Gavaghans’ partner Antonio were aware of the arrangement.