A woman breastfeeding her daughter claims she was thrown out of Lily O’Brien’s Irish chocolate café on Bryant Park in New York City on Tuesday, September 29.

Julia Taylor, a mother of two little girls, was breastfeeding her youngest daughter at the café, known for its delectable chocolates and coffee, when she was approached by the manager of Lily O’ Briens.

“She made it clear, I want you to leave now,” Taylor told Fox News on Tuesday night.

“She made me feel like I was doing something wrong, something dirty.”

 Cathal Queally, the owner of the cafe, when a breastfeeding woman is exposed, it “leads to people feeling uncomfortable,” suggesting a nipple on display “can lead to sexual arousal.”

Queally said Taylor’s nipple was “on display for quite a period of time and in full display of male patrons.”

He said several male customers complained.

According to Taylor, the manager asked her to leave the establishment and “told me never to come back again.”

Queally said he was “more than happy for any person to come in here and breastfeed provided they are discreet,” and that includes Taylor and the friend she was having coffee with on Tuesday.

Although Queally was not present at the café during the breastfeeding, he said he was informed, “Taylor’s nipple was on display.”

Lily O’Brien’s manager denies asking Taylor to leave, saying she just asked her to cover up with a blanket.

New York state law says it’s a woman’s right to breastfeed in any public place whether or not she is covered up.

Taylor told Fox news she is planning to sue Lily O’Briens.