Wintry weather has returned to Ireland with snow and ice blanketing large parts of the country.

Rain and snowy conditions fell in most parts of Ulster, Leinster and east Connacht Tuesday.

Some ferry sailings were cancelled due to high winds and poor sailing conditions, and all travelers are advised to contact the ferry companies before they travel.

Ireland's meteorological service Met Eireann is expecting a better day today with sunny spells and scattered showers in some parts.

Thursday is expected to be dry and bright day with some showers expected in isolated parts of the country.

However rain will spread from the Southwest on Thursday night and may develop into snow.

Wintry rain is expected on Friday and thunder is expected in places.

Sunday will be substantially brighter with a strong northwest wind, scattered showers and sunny spells.

There was heavy snowfall in Northern Ireland Tuesday night. Northern Irish roads are in a particularly bad state with many routes deemed impassable.

Ireland has had one of its worst winters in living memory. Although it is not unusual to have snowfall in Ireland during springtime, it is quite rare to have torrential snowfall.


Heavy snow fall in DublinGoogle Images