Now that Chris Kennedy will not run, the question of whether there will ever be another Kennedy in the U.S. Senate after Teddy passes come front and center.

The obvious claimant is Joe Kennedy, the former congressman from Massachusetts who may well run for his uncle’s seat when it is vacated.

However, Teddy’s wife Vicki, who comes from a very political New Orleans family, is also said to be interested.

No doubt there are many other aspiring senators from the ranks of congressional representative who have not seen a Senate opening since 1984 when John Kerry won.

Then there’s Governor Deval Patrick, who could well appoint himself if the Teddy vacancy comes up, as his poll numbers in Massachusetts are very low.

Amazingly he would not be the first ever black senator from the state as Edward Brooke, a Republican, achieved that in 1967 and served until 1979.