Will controversial Irish American filmmaker Michael Moore be turning his unforgiving lens on the child sex-abuse scandal roiling the Catholic Church?

If a woman whose sprawling website describes herself as a "survivor of pedophile priest crime" has her way, then the director behind "Roger & Me," "Bowling for Columbine" and his biggest hit, the George W. Bush mockfest "Fahrenheit 9/11," will soon be on the job.

"If anyone can do this story right it’s Michael Moore," declares Kay Eberling, or as she's much-better known on the Internet among the growing corps of sites devoted to monitoring the Church crisis, "Cityofangelslady."

"Every other media outlet out there caves sooner or later to pressure from the Roman Catholic Church, whose archdioceses run as powerful corporations sole in every city. So the true story of sex crimes committed by priests and bishops, followed by covering up the crimes all the way to the Pope, has never completely been told.

"Even with the surge of stories over Easter Week ... about 95 percent of the time each article is just copy-and-pasted from another article. There is very little financed investigative journalism going on about the pedophile priests in the Catholic Church."

Cityofangelslady, who has posted her plea around the Web on sites like AlterNet, makes this impassioned plea: "Everyone please to go to Michael Moore’s website to the submit a story form and get the idea to him, because one person filling out the form can get lost in thousands of clicks they get each day. If they are hit with a storm of submissions about the pedophile Catholic priests, Moore and his colleagues are much more likely to notice."

A spokesman for Moore did not return a request for comment.

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