Read more: Leading Irish journalist in underage sex probe

The identity of a leading Irish newspaper journalist accused of having sex with an underage girl has still not been revealed as speculation mounts as to who the person is.

He is being investigated for having sexual contact with an underage girl following the discovery by his daughter of a picture of a naked young girl on his cell phone.

The journalist’s daughter handed the phone to her mother who went to police.

The Irish Examiner reports that following the discovery the journalist signed himself into a psychiatric hospital and has been under suicide watch.

The Examiner reports that the shocking discovery was made three weeks ago when the journalist asked one of his daughters to bring his cell phone to a recycling center.

She discovered the naked picture of the girl, said to be a friend of hers on the phone.

Police identified the girl and informed her parents.

The girl later made a statement and said there had been some form of sexual contact between them.

A management meeting with journalists was held at the newspaper yesterday afternoon where he works to discuss the high profile case.

As long as the patient remains in the psychiatric hospital the police cannot compel him to be interviewed if doctors say he is in danger.

Police said they will wait until the psychiatrists give them the all-clear.

State broadcaster RTE News had first reported on Sunday that a leading journalist had been named  by a 16-year -old girl as the person she had been having an illicit relationship with for two years.

The report set off  a flurry of speculation and rumors. Meanwhile his identity has been a closely guarded secret.

Read more: Leading Irish journalist in underage sex probe

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