Robert Pattinson says he has not yet  found "one place in the world yet where I could disappear."

Well, we have the solution for him.


An international witness protection experts says Ireland is one of the best places to flee to for a brand new life.

Frank M. Ahearn, who specializes in “disappearing people,” says "Ireland and Dublin particularly is a great place to disappear. I always recommend it,” he said.

“It's a real melting pot of cultures so it's easy to blend in. It's not too difficult for people to acclimatize and it's not too expensive. Also, it's quite a safe place on the scale of things. We can't guarantee anything. But no one I've helped disappear has ever been found.”

Ahearn is a former “skip tracer,” or someone who’s hired to seek out people who have fled the country to escape debt or someone they have wronged.

"I used to be a skip tracer but now my partner handles that while I help people to disappear,” he said. “It's just doing what I used to do in reverse. I help people disappear without a trace.”

"Women generally want to disappear for emotional reasons. Often from a particularly dangerous ex-boyfriend or husband who they believe will try to kill them,” said Ahearn. “For men, it's generally financial reasons that make them disappear.”

Whatever the reason, if the escapee is not a criminal, Ahearn will help him start a new life, charging a client up to $20,000 for the service.

There ya go RPatz, call the "disappearing people" expert.