A new book about crime boss Whitey Bulger claims his vehement dislike of president Obama helped his neighbor identify the crime boss and tip off the FBI.

“Whitey: The Life of America’s Most Notorious Mob Boss,” by veteran Boston reporters Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, unearths a number of revelations about the Boston crime boss.

For the new biography, the authors spoke with former Icelandic model Anna Bjornsdottir, who lived in the same apartment building as Whitey and his girlfriend Catherine Greig in Santa Monica, California.

The Boston Herald reports the two women bonded over the care of a stray cat, but when Bjornsdottir expressed a liking for President Obama, Bulger never spoke to her again, the book claims.

“He practically exploded … disgusted that she could admire a black man as president ... Nothing was the same after. Whitey gave Anna the cold shoulder, would not even respond when she said hello to him. Anna Bjornsdottir, meanwhile, would not forget the old man’s sudden rage — or his angry, cold glare.”

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In June 2011, the former Miss Iceland recognized the fugitive as her racist neighbor when she watched a CNN special. Two days later the FBI captured Bulger and 57-year-old Bjornsdottir claimed the $2million reward for the tip.

The book claims Whitey also expressed his dislike for the president to Josh Bond, a young Boston University grad living next door, who asked the elderly man to stop using the N word.

Bolger replied: “I’m old school. I don’t think the races should mix.”

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According to the book, Bulger penned his memoirs in 2008 after watching a “60 Minutes” interview of hit man Johnny Martorano.

The opening lines was: “I have been driven to this by the lies of JM, and seeing his insane interview on ‘60 Minutes’ was the last straw.”

After 16 years on the run the Boston crime lord was captured in June 2011. The  83-year-old is charged in connection with 19 murders. His trial is scheduled to begin in June.

‘Whitey’ Bulger arriving home to BostonStuart Cahill