An outbreak of irresistible silliness left a presiding judge, the local police officers, attorneys and even the defendant himself in tears of laughter at the Dingle District Court in County Kerry at the weekend.

According to The Kerryman the unexpected outbreak of hilarity began as they listened to a completely unlikely series of events that led to three road traffic charges being brought against a man.

Dingle street entertainer Deaglan O'Muiris had originally been stopped by Irish police officer Frank Scanlon, who described to the country court the scene when he pulled the busker over for driving with four bald tires.


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Scanlon first noticed the worn tires on O'Muiris's van but when he got closer to the vehicle he saw a donkey inside it looking out at him.

It turned out the donkey is part of O'Muiris's busking act in Dingle.

When asked by the now laughing judge what the donkey did in the act, police officer Scanlon replied he played the tin whistle, causing a burst of laughter to fill the courtroom.

Attorney Pat Mann told the court his client and the donkey are a very popular double act on the Dingle pier and that O'Muiris is 'a very good natured man.'

Mann added that after being stopped by police officer Scanlon, O'Muiris had immediately paid $470.00 for four new tires for the van.

Police officer Scanlon acknowledged that the tires had been satisfactorily replaced and informed the judge the donkey has also been retired for the winter season.

The defendant was then given until May of 2012 to pay $400.00 to the court poor box to avoid a conviction for the bald tire offenses.