Throw a rock in the Midwest and you'll hit a Liam now. The old Gaelic name has become one of the most popular in America.

A new chart based on 2012's top names as released by the Social Security Administration has found that Sophia and Jacob are the top baby names in the nation overall, but the popularity of other names can vary widely from state to state.

According to the Daily Mail in Florida the top pick for boys is Jayden and Isabella is the number one girl's name there.

Old standbys like Sophia are popular along the west coast, and Emma is popular in the Midwest and much of the East Coast. In New York state Michael is the most common boys name.

Massachusetts loves Benjamins, quite literally, it's the most popular boy's name in the state but only the 16th most popular boy name in the country.

In Idaho, Olivia comes in at number one for girls.

Hawaii and Alaska do their own thing when it comes to naming boys, Ethan is the most popular boy's name in Hawaii, and James is tops in Alaska.

Boy names are more varied across the country - of the 50 states, there are 13 different top choices for boys among new parents and Liam is the most popular across the widest swath of America.

The top five choices for girls are Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia and Ava.

Michael, Liam and James get big names in new maps of popular names in the United StatesNickMom