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Former Casey Anthony case juror flees state in fear of her life

A woman who served as a juror in the Casey Anthony murder trial is so terrified by her co-workers reaction that she quit her job and fled her home, her husband said.

The anonymous woman, known only as Juror Number 12, who worked in a grocery store in an Orlando supermarket, was so fearful she phoned in to quit her job  before fleeing to Michigan, her husband told NBC News…READ MORE

New Irish church inquiry slams former Bishop John Magee - says he 'kissed and embraced' teenage boy

The disgraced Bishop of Cloyne in Cork John Magee is heavily criticised in a report today for refusing to follow guidelines laid out by the Catholic Church in regards to abusive priests.

Questions were also raised about Magee's own actions the report said, "concerns were expressed about (Magee's) interaction with a 17-year-old boy" whom the bishop kissed and embraced, an experience that the teenager found "disquieting." But the report concluded that the incident was eventually handled correctly…READ MORE

‘Batman: the Dark Knight Rising’ teaser trailer released – VIDEO

The teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s final installment of Batman has been released. Newly released pictures from the third film “The Dark Knight Rises” show a seemingly post-apocalyptic Goham.

Christian Bale once again plays the part of Batman, who in the latest movie becomes incapacitated by Tom Hardy’s character Bane. The villain of the movie, Hardy plays the role of a convict who plans Barman’s destruction from prison.…READ MORE

Dublin no longer the most expensive city to live in

Dublin has dropped down the list of the world's most expensive cities to live in, but it remains in the top 15 most expensive cities in the European Union, a new survey says.

The Irish capital was 10th on the world list just six years ago, but thanks to the property crash and the banking crisis it fell to 42nd place last year and to 58th place this year, according to Mercer’s 2011 Cost of Living Survey…READ MORE

Irish grandmother an ‘icon and legend’ as driving force of Chicago

One of Chicago’s most well known and loved matchmakers is none other than red-haired Maureen O’Looney, who originally hails from County Mayo.

"She's a legend and an icon," Tim McDonnell, executive director of the Irish American Heritage Center in told the Chicago Tribune...READ MORE

Former Casey Anthony case juror flees state in fear of her life