Daniel O’Donnell is doing his bit to revive the Irish economy – the singer’s new visitor attraction in Donegal is proving a huge hit with tourists.

The Daniel O’Donnell visitor centre has attracted over 600 tourists to his hometown in its first week in business.

The Irish Times reports that the centre celebrating O’Donnell’s worldwide success is already doing a roaring trade.

Fans from as far away as New Zealand, Canada, and America have joined Daniel-ites from Switzerland, Scotland, England and Ireland.

The centre in Dunloe contains much of the star’s memorabilia. Creator Pat ‘Nora’ Gallagher told the Irish Times that the town is already ‘feeling a huge benefit from the singer’s drawing power’.

He said: “Most of those 600 people may not have come to Dunloe but for the opening of the centre, and that’s a real positive in this day and age.

“The reaction has been terrific and we are hopeful those kind of numbers of visitors will continue over the summer.”

O’Donnell, one of the Ireland’s most successful entertainers ever, personally opened the centre last Sunday.

Star attractions of the centre so far have been O’Donnell and wife Majella’s wedding outfits as well as the red book the singer received after appearing on TV programme This Is Your Life.

A new Daniel O'Donnell visitor's centre opens in Dungloe

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