Forget the nice – Irish men want to be naughty this Christmas with over 80,000 signed up to a new website dedicated to people having affairs.

The Ashley Madison site is designed to promote unfaithful hook-ups, according to a report in the Irish Independent.

It says 80,000 have already signed up to the Irish site in time for the Christmas party season.
And a survey of 3000 members undertaken by the site suggests many are planning to be a lot more naughty than nice this Christmas.

The survey organizers say their findings reveal why and how the Irish are cheating more than ever this festive season.

The report says one-third of respondents plan to cheat on St Stephen’s Day, December 26, with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve coming up as other warning spots.

Almost 70 percent of respondents said they love their wives but admitted to needing an extra bit of sparkle on the side to keep them happy, according to the report.

The paper says the survey suggests they are willing to spend an average of double the money on their lovers’ Christmas present than on their wives.

The website’s European Communications Director Christoph Kraemer told the Sunday Independent: “A lover makes a man feel special and he wants to reward that. I think they appreciate a lover more than what they have at home.

“It’s easy to take things like laundry and washing and cleaning for granted. But it makes them feel good splashing out on something saucy for their secret other.

“They tend to get more of a kick out of it than when they gift a long-term partner.

“Also you have to remember that they won’t be spending the two most important days of the year with them – Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve – so they need to make up for that and make sure they can hang on to them.”

The report adds that would-be cheaters can access the website for free, but once they make contact with possible new partners, they are to buy ‘credits’ if they want to further pursue their liaisons.

The Introductory Package costs just over $50, rising to $250 for what is described as the ‘Affair Guarantee Package.’

Kraemer told the paper that having an affair can be a ‘positive thing’ for a relationship.

He added, “I think people are entitled to happiness and it’s an illusion to think one person can fulfil you for your entire life.

“Doesn’t mean they can’t do it for 80 percent to 90 percent of the time, but sometimes they just need that little something else. And I believe an affair can actually be a positive thing and make a relationship last in their long run.”