Donald Trump claimed on Fox news he has a major announcement to make about the president on Wednesday that will change the election.

I can reveal exclusively what the surprise is likely to be. My Trump sources tell me it is one of the following ten things;

1. The Mars Rover has found Obama’s birth certificate on Mars

2. That means Obama is an alien

Or it could be:

3. Obama and Hillary have had an affair, mostly conducted on Air Force One

4. This explains what happened over Benghazi – they were on date night and missed it.

Or perhaps it is that

President Obama mocks Donald Trump on Jay Leno show - VIDEO

5. Obama is gay, and Trump has found out

6. This explains all that Bromance with Bill Clinton stuff, ever see how they embrace each other?

Or maybe it is that
7. Obama is a cross dresser and thinks he is Oprah Winfrey

8. That explains why her magazine is called O

But finally,

9. Obama is becoming white, he has that Michael Jackson thing going

10. That means he is going to star in a Black and White Minstrel Show at the White House for Trump.

See, that was easy.