The leaders of the cloud computing revolution are set to host their annual European conference ‘NodeConf’ at a ‘secret’ location in Ireland.

Some of the world's top industry leaders will be in attendance at this high tech conference including representatives from Walmart, Yahoo!, Skype, PayPal and The Mail Online. It has been revealed that this three-day event is now set to take place in Waterford City.

The conference will host some of the world’s foremost developers in Cloud Technology speaking for the first time in Ireland including Bill Scott who is the Sr. Director of User Interface Engineering at PayPal. Previously he did the same at Netflix and Meebo where he also led user experience. He is co-author of the O'Reilly book Designing Web Interfaces and a regular conference/workshop speaker on topics on all aspects of design & engineering.

Previously he has consulted for startups and fortune 500 companies, co-wrote one of the first JavaScript Ajax libraries, launched the design pattern library at Yahoo! and wrote one of the first games for the Macintosh in 1985.

Also on the bill is Ben Acker Walmart, Senior Engineer at Walmart. Walmart have recently been cited as one of the top 20 companies for Leadership spending $44 to 55 million annually on Leadership Development.

Clifton Cunningham Chief Technology Officer of Mail Online and the writer of Calipso is also set to feature as a keynote speaker. MailOnline has established itself as the world's preeminent consumer news and entertainment website, with well over six million visitors a day to its .com and app products.

There are twenty-nine guest speakers for NodeConf 2013 including Isaac Z. Schlueter Creator of npm and current project leader of Node.js, Mikeal Rogers Co-founder of Gather, and Creator of request and NodeConf, James Halliday unix philosopher, co-founder of, and .beep boop and many other top names and leaders in Cloud Technology plus a ‘top secret’ mystery guest speaker!

According to Richard Rodger, COO at nearForm, “node.js is groundbreaking technology and is championed by the major global companies attending NodeConf 2013 in Waterford. Version1 of node.js is set for release at the end of 2013.”

“node.js is the most disruptive software technology to appear in the last 20 years.  Invented by American scientist Ryan Dahl in 2009, node is revolutionising the way connected networked applications are built. With node.js everything is a server, and node uses JavaScript as its language, this enables web programmers to be far more productive than previously possible. Node is highly efficient, using fewer servers to do the job, while catering for the development of mobile apps and the ever-widening range smart-phones and devices.” Richard concluded.

Richard is the former Chief Architect for TSSG, and then founding CTO for FeedHenry, Richard brought node.js into both organisations, and subsequently wrote a book on building mobile apps in the cloud for a major American technology education publishing company, before co-founding nearForm with Cian Ó Maidín. Together Richard and Cian have built a 20 person technology company in just over 18 months, founded Ireland’s node.js community and established Ireland as Europe’s center for node.js. In 2012 only 6 months old, nearForm organised the critically acclaimed NodeDublin, Europe’s first Node.js conference, run in the Guinness Store house. So successful was NodeDublin that the organisers of NodeConf, the world’s main conference run in California, asked Cian if he would take NodeConf to Europe.

Commenting on why the conference will be held in Waterford Cian said, “Waterford has the highest concentration of node developers per square foot world-wide, “We see a future for a node.js development hub in Waterford. And we chose the conference dates as they coincide with the Waterford Harvest Festival, so our delegates can enjoy some great food and a good Irish festival.” is a sell out event where almost 200 developers and technologists from all over the world will be talking about node, the internet of things, and production systems from the leaders of the Internet.

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The leaders of the cloud computing revolution are set to host their annual European conference ‘NodeConf’ at a ‘secret’ location in Ireland.