Irish spiritual healer Joe Coleman says the Virgin Mary has been back in touch with him and revealed that the volcanic ash cloud currently covering Europe will get worse and is directly related to the second coming of Christ.

Coleman claims that the ash cloud is part of a series of events that will occur before Mary’s next scheduled visit to Knock on May 11 at 2 p.m. local time.

Among the other things due to happen are ‘crosses in the sky’ that will be visible to thousands and “new moons that have never been seen before with the naked eye will be seen.”

“I realize that by going public like this I am opening myself up to public ridicule and scorn. Personally I have been shocked by the messages and how strong they have become lately and it pains me to have to make these revelations. However, people will accept the truth of the messages I receive because they will see the proof with their own eyes very shortly," said Coleman.
“Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of God, uses me simply as a channel. My job is not to convert.  My job is to publish the messages.  They are being given to the world (through me and, possibly, other visionaries) to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ on Earth. The period for preparation will be very short . The messages are not being given to frighten us but to give up ample warning us of the necessity to turn back to our faith in God. People have been given free will and it is up to them whether or not they want to believe in the messages or not. 

“In the message I received on Sunday 18th April 2010, Our Lady, warns of a darker cloud across Europe. She also told me that God is extremely angry with the evil action of priests, bishops and cardinals in the Catholic Church and that, unless we convert back to our Faith in Ireland, we will not be able to redeem ourselves in the eyes of God at this very important time.  "

Coleman went on to say that Mary wanted the multitudes to turn up at Knock Shrine on May 11 and that Mass be said at 3 p.m. “sharp.”

“Visionary” Joe Coleman, holding cross, at Knock Shrine