Today's top Irish News stories:

Visitors flock to see vision of Virgin Mary in Kilkenny hills near golf course

People are flocking to a golf course in Co Kilkenny, Ireland after a vision of the Virgin Mary cradling an infant has appeared on the side of Kilkenny mountain...READ MORE


Irish American Democrats push for comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill - VIDEO

Washington DC: Democratic Irish American congressional leaders expressed strong support for an immigration overhaul that would put the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship...READ MORE


Irish American cop uncovers “mole people” living in tunnels below Kansas suburb - VIDEO

A tunnel occupied by homeless people was recently discovered underneath Kansas city when a nearby copper mill in the area was repeatedly hit by thieves. In an effort to address the rise of crime in the city, the police cleared the tunnels on Friday and encouraged its inhabitants to seek proper shelter...READ MORE


Where the Church went wrong - “John F Kennedy and American Catholicism”

Oh great!  Law and Order actor and comedian Richard Belzer has a new book out about the assassination of John F. Kennedy...READ MORE


New York activists plan celebration party to mark Margaret Thatcher's passing

New York activists are planning a party of their own on  Saturday with a “celebration” of Thatcher’s death at a Brooklyn Irish bar...READ MORE


Can you see it? The view of the outline of the Madonna with child on the face of the mountain near Carrigleade Golf Course on the Graignamanagh.