A video of a former Irish lottery winner dancing on the grave of deceased Irish Prime Minster Charles Haughey has gone viral.

Vincent Keaney says Haughey was corrupt and led to the falling standards in Irish public life that have continued since.

He called the grave dance in a Dublin graveyard "my greatest moment", and  said he was performing his "little act of protest" for everybody he knew who hated Haughey.

"The likes of me who was complaining about your legacy has every right to come up here and dance on your grave," he says in his YouTube video.

Haughey was a deeply controversial figure who was implicated in numerous scandals while in office but was also credited with the economic boom that led to the Celtic Tiger.

Keaney won close to $2 million in the Irish lottery in 1994. He told Cork radio that "Tragically, the Callely situation,(A Fianna Fail politician forced to resign)  the Bertie Ahern situation, the various other situations since then it all emanates from one source and that source is Haughey," he said.