Student protests against university fees required police to bring in riot police when the crowds turned violent in Dublin’s city center on Wednesday.

The clash occurred when police had to use force to remove students from the lobby of the Department of Finance, resulting in physical violence on Merrion Row.

As the attacks continued between the riot police and the protesting students, some students ended up with bloody noses and one had to be carried away, thought to have been unconscious.

As the violence continued mounted police and bulletproof vehicles were brought in.

The more peaceful student protesters expressed disappointment at how the protest had turned violent.

A group of protesters also occupied the Department of Finance where hundreds of students were also involved in a sit-down protest outside the premises.

The initial protest against the introduction of increased registration fees for third level education involved thousands of students marching to Merrion Square where student leaders, including the Union of Students in Ireland President, Gary Redmond, spoke out against the planned fees.

The USI, who expected up to 25,000 students to march, were responsible for the protest, aiming to make it known that there is strong opposition to the third level cuts.

It is thought that the fees will go up from €1,500 to €2,500, and the union claim that this rise in registration fees will force many to leave college.

A previous student protest in 2008 drew 15,000 protesters to march on the streets of Dublin.