The 32 County Sovereignty Movement, an underground movement aligned with the IRA, took to the street on Tuesday evening alongside Eirigi, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and others.

What was called a “Right to Work” march was marred by the hard-line republican’s attempts to cause chaos while scuffling with police. Luckily the police managed to keep order the group retreated allowing the march to end peacefully.

However, the hard-line group warned that they would be back next week for more.

It is estimated that the protest last night attracted between 700 and 1,000 people. About 100 of these broke away from the march and began scuffling with the police lined up outside Leinster House. Four police on horseback blocked the gate.

A speaker from the republican splinter group, Eirigi, called them off saying that they were return next week in greater numbers.

"We are going to hold the line, we are not going to fall into their trap," he said. "Our numbers are not enough this time."

The crowds shouted "Out, Out, Out” to the politicians inside Leinster House.

One of the speakers at the march was Annie Moore a woman who was evicted from her state owned home last week. She shouted “We were evicted last week -- now let’s evict this Government.”

There were also some minor disruptions at the headquarters to Anglo Irish Bank, on St. Stephen’s Green, at about 7.30pm but the police quashed the incident.

A police spokesman said that no arrests were made.

Republican protesters scuffle with police in Dublin