Victoria Kennedy will address the graduating class at Boston College Law School at the end of the month.

It remains to be seen if Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley will object to Kennedy because of her stance on issues such as abortion.

It appears that the Jesuit school has invited Kennedy despite a recent withdrawal of an invitation to her to another Catholic college after the intervention of a local bishop.

According to the AP, Vincent Rogeau, the Dean of Boston College Law School, said the widow of the late U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy was a “powerful advocate for the powerless.’’

Kennedy was meant to speak at a commencement ceremony at the Anna Maria College, but that invitation was rescinded after Bishop Robert J. McManus objected to her participation due to her views on gay marriage and abortion.

The Jesuit move to invite her seems to set up a clear difference of opinion between the two opposing clerical positions.

The Kennedy family are no strangers to clashes with the church. Congressman Patrick Kennedy was warned not to take communion by a Rhode Island bishop while Senator Edward Kennedy was in consistent conflict with many church elders.