The victim at the centre of the sex abuse scandal in a Donegal Irish school, has spoken about how he confronted his abuser Michael Ferry.

Derek Mulligan has chosen to waive anonymity in an effort to urge other abuse victims to speak out.

Earlier this week Michael Ferry (55) was sentenced to 14 years in jail for raping and molesting young boys.

After years of childhood abuse, Derek Mulligan (24) made the decision to finally confront his abuser just over a year ago.

"I went to the school because I knew Ferry was there. I had just found out that he had abused other boys. I went to confront him," he told the Irish Independent.

"He was sitting in this big chair that he always sat in and there were no other adults there.

"I shouted at him, 'You've done this to other people'. He didn't care. He just looked at me and said,

'So you get it now, do you?'

"He was throwing it back in my face. I just exploded. He showed no remorse, no remorse whatsoever. It was just the cold way he said that to me, 'So you get it'. He is pure evil."

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The young man felt the need to warn other potential victims about Ferry and  he returned to Ardscoil Mhuire every evening to warn pupils to stay clean from the “devil” who had abused him.

Pointing to a wall where he told the Irish Independent: "I sat there. I sat there every night I could and if any boy came within a yard of the place, I chased them away.

"I did what I could. I knew Ferry was inside. He was sleeping in the place on a blow-up mattress."

"You live with something like this all day, every day. And when you close your eyes at night, you have the nightmares.

"But I will continue to speak out because this man was allowed back into our lives and back into this community after he had already been placed on the sex offenders' register.

"I want answers and I won't go away until I get those answers. There has to be a full inquiry into what happened and people held to account."

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