An irish American in Oregon  has been hailed a hero after performing ‘mouth to beak’ resuscitation on an injured bald eagle after it stopped breathing.

Veterinarian Jeff Cooney took quick action when the eagle, named Patriot took a turn for the worst.

Cooney clamped his lips onto the bird’s beak and blew life saving air into the bird’s chest. Minutes later the eagle came back to life and started breathing on its own.

The lifeless bird has been discovered on a roadside by two concerned members of the public in June. It was suffering from a dislocated shoulder and a wounded right leg.

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Two days after being admitted to the vet’s surgery in Bend, Oregon, Patriot’s condition suddenly worsened and Cooney decided to intervene with ‘mouth to beak’ resuscitation.

When the happy news spread in the town of Bend, locals held a competition to decide on a name for the recovering bird and Patriot was the winning choice.

“The bird’s condition has started to improve and will hopefully recover now,” said Cooney.

“He has gained 10 per cent of his body weight and is eating fish like crazy.

“His attitude is greatly improved, and he’s starting to act like a normal, rambunctious bald eagle.’

“The dislocated shoulder and his paralyzed right leg are his major problems right now.

“His shoulder is really badly damaged. It’s not a surgical repair, so if he was going to live forever in pain from the shoulder injury, I’d have to euthanize him,” he said.

Vet hailed as hero - performs ‘mouth to beak’ and saves bald eagle – VIDEOJeannette Bonomo/