Unfortunately as much as everybody being Irish for St. Patrick’s Day, the next day many heads will be feeling worse for wear and no more so than in the United States where the estimated spend on booze for March 17 is $255 million.

The USA National Retail Federation forecasts that St. Paddy's spending for 2014 should grow modestly to $4.8 billion, up slightly (about 2 percent) from last year. This $4.8 billion is the total spend for drinks, green beads and beer, silly hats and sweaters and whatever else the nation is wearing and imbibing.

In 2012 IbisWorld compiled their St. Patrick’s Day beer consumption statistics. They forecast that bars and liquor stores would rake in $245 million, which is equal percent of the annual take. Since then they forecast annual growth for US breweries at 2.1 percent, which brings us up to about $255 million for 2014.

Here’s a breakdown of the figures:

In the US the average person will spend $35.75. That’s up by 50 cents from 2013.

8 out of 10 Millennials will head out to party and 90 percent will wear something green.

30 percent of Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a bar or restaurant.

32.9 percent will prepare a special holiday-themed dinner.

21.2 percent will decorate the home or office.

20.6 percent will attend a private party.

And their total beer tab will be $255 million.