American authorities are reportedly ready to deport the prime suspect in the murder of Garda detective Adrian Donohoe after his 90-day holiday visa in the U.S. expires.

Irish police have said that the suspect, whose name or photo has not been released, is believed to be in his twenties and a native of Armagh.

The Irish Daily Star is reporting that the suspect is believed to have fled Ireland within the last two weeks and is on the East coast of the US.

“As soon as the visa is out of date, they will move against him,” a source said. “He is a citizen of the UK and will be deported there.”

A bench-warrant for the suspect’s arrest was issued when the suspect failed to appear for a court date on unrelated issues.

The suspect is believed to have fled to the US via England. Police believe he may have been spooked after a number of PSNI raids, on behalf of Irish gardai, were conducted in Armagh following the January murder.

Another suspect who is believed to be connected to the crime, but not the actual murderer, is believed to have fled to Australia around the same time the main suspect went to the US.

Adrian Donohoe, 41, was a highly respected detective who was murdered outside a credit union in Co Louth on January 25 when he tried to stop a robbery. He is survived by two young children and his wife, also a police officer.

Police believe the main suspects in the murder to be five members of a cross-border criminal gang who originally operated out of Dublin.

The getaway car, which was reported stolen days before the murder, was later found burned out across the border in a forest in south Armagh.

Police Commissioner Martin Callinan told a press conference on April 9 that progress on the case will continue to be "slow and steady."

"The investigation is being very, very carefully worked through, it's very painstaking.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), reportedly ready to deport the prime suspect in the murder of Garda detective Adrian DonohoeGoogle Images