Katie Taylor has vowed to fight on – and a top American promoter has urged her to turn professional and move to the States.

As Ireland’s latest gold medal winner prepares for a triumphant homecoming on Monday, Top Rank boss Carl Moretti has hinted at the riches awaiting her in the pro ranks.

Taylor has rejected her father’s suggestion that she retire from boxing in the wake of her London triumph.

She has yet to decide if she will remain amateur and look to retain her title in Brazil in four years time or turn pro and cash in on the fledgling sport.

But Moretti, one of America’s top promoters, believes Katie can bank a fortune on the US circuit.

He told the Irish Sun: “The fact that she is popular internationally could easily translate to success in the US.

“With her background, her passion and, if she has a good team around her, there is every chance she could do well.

“People will definitely show an interest - she has a gold medal and there is a huge Irish population here.

“The money is not so important, longevity is what she needs to think about now and to have that you need to love what you do and show real passion.”

Moretti’s view is backed by Bernie Bahrmasel, publicist for American boxing promoters Eight Count.

He said: “If Katie wanted to come to America I would be very interested in representing her and I am certain I could make her a big star here.

“There are a lot of options available to her. We would probably start her off on four rounders on the undercard of some big men’s fights.

“I know I could make her very popular over here in the US and if she is interested, I would be delighted to do that.”

Katie will sit down to discuss her future with her family when she returns from London with the rest of the Irish team on Monday.

But she will fight on, despite her dad’s suggestion that it is time to enjoy a normal life.

Speaking just hours after her win, Katie said: “My dad wants me to stop but I have no intention at all to stop boxing. I’ve another 10 years left in me.

“I’m going to take a few weeks off but I will definitely continue to box. I don’t know what I’m going to do, turn professional or stay amateur.

“I’ll sit down and talk about that and make a decision. I don’t really know much about women’s professional boxing.

“The competition in the amateurs probably is a lot better but if someone comes to me and offers me a contract for professional boxing, I’d have to consider it. I’ll make that decision in the next few weeks.”