U.S. immigration authorities have reportedly asked the parents of a young County Cork girl Megan Malone, who is currently receiving life saving treatment in New York, for confirmation of funds available to them.

Megan, who will turn four later this month, is continuing to make a speedy recovery at New York Presbyterian hospital. However her parents John and Shelia are concerned that they  may be sent back to Ireland before their daughter’s treatment is concluded.

The Malone’s have claimed they have yet to be refunded for the living expenses since the beginning of 2011, despite a trust that was  established to administer donations for the family.

The board members of the trust stepped down in March after disagreeing with the family over how the funds were being administered.

John and Shelia currently living in the U.S. without any income. Visa restrictions means they cannot work while they are here.

The couple told the Irish Examiner that U.S. immigration have asked them to produce "a recent bank statement reflecting the amount of funds currently available for support".

She said: "This is so our visas can be extended beyond May.

"We are, however, more determined than ever to fight for justice."

The Malones are asking the trust to sign off allowing a new board to be appointed, which will allow the funds to be distributed.
Around €180,000 ($256,000) was raised in Ireland for the Megan Malone Trust.
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