The American tourist who went missing for four days in County Donegal is flying back to the USA today accompanied by her father Rick.

As she prepared to leave Sligo General Hospital this week Kelly Jones, 41, claimed she had no recollection of what happened to her. Her disappearance had led to a massive hill and mountain search.

Jones told Irish police that she 'blacked out' for five days before she was found inside a renovated rectory in Glencolmcille, County Donegal.

Her father Rick Jones confirmed that although he didn't know what happened to his daughter, he wanted to focus on the positive outcome rather than the lingering questions.

'I really don't want to answer any questions about details,' he told the Irish Independent. 'I'm just interested in seeing the people who put it all on the line. They spent many, many hours to find Kelly.

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'I was talking to a few of them and they were just thrilled. It's been a plus for them. They really worked very hard. They were elated.

'I don't think we know what happened. I am not certain myself. We all have a lot of questions. It's going to have to be on the positive side and not going into too much of the other part,' he explained.

'She is going home with me on Tuesday,' Jones - a former professor of animal science at the University of Georgia - added.

Jones added that Kelly's mother had passed away some years ago and that his daughter had always been fascinated with Ireland and that the family had traced a great-grandmother called Collins to County Antrim.

'The fact that she had red hair may have entered into her mind as having Irish descendancy. She was an avid reader of literature and poetry and she read stories about Ireland.'

Jones confirmed that his daughter doesn't remember anything since 8.30 PM on Friday week past and 7.30 PM last Tuesday evening when she woke up near to the old rectory in Glencolmcille and then broke into it for shelter. Jones was found inside the rectory at lunchtime on Wednesday by a search party.

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