An American man who murdered his former boss in Australia claims he was given the 'go-ahead' by an Irish organization.

Walter Marsh, a 50-year-old former Marine, confessed to his wife an hour after he murdered his former boss, adding that her the killing had 'gone unexpectedly' according to a report in the Australian Daily Telegraph yesterday.

In a bizarre twist, Marsh then told his wife that prior to the murder he had been given permission from what he called an 'Irish organisation' to kill nurse Michelle Beets.

Marsh's wife Samantha told the Supreme Court that her husband had told her after the killing: 'I did it, let's go home, the bitch is gone.'

Marsh's wife said she didn't inform the police because 'I thought I should be loyal to him, he's my husband.'


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Marsh pleaded not guilty to murdering Beets, a nursing manager at Royal North Shore Hospital, by stabbing her in the chest and cutting her throat as she arrived home on April 27 last year.

Prosecutors allege Marsh murdered Beets because he bore 'deep resentment and hatred' towards her for giving him bad job references, placing he and his wife's future employment prospects in Australia at risk.

The court heard that when Marsh's wife tried to kiss him and hold his hand on the night of the murder he told her: 'Don't touch me, I'm dirty".

Marsh told the court he had fled the scene because some dog walkers had arrived and he had to run as Beets was still screaming.

Marsh told the court she said to him: 'I'm afraid you'll hurt me and that's why I'm screaming.'

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