The Irish government and the Irish Police force (known as the Gardai) have been criticized this week by a US based organization, who claim they would not accept the groups assistance tackling child abuse.

Evin Daly, the Irish born head of the self created US based group One Child International, told the Irish Examiner that his efforts to assist the Gardai and the Department of Health had been flatly refused or outright ignored.


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'I proposed a forum to the Gardai, the department of Health and a number of the NGOs where they and their US counterparts could meet and discuss ideas on child protection,' Daly said.

'I told our contact in the Gardai that we would pay for a scholarship and not seek publicity from it, we were trying to help.'

Daly, who has been labeled by some critics as an extremist, heads the organization that successfully located the alleged Irish child abuser George Gibney, the former Irish swimming coach, said he could not understand why there was such resistance to outside help.

'As the chief executive of an international child advocacy I would make a number of suggestions regarding the welfare of children in Ireland’s care. Remove the dead wood which is responsible for maintaining the current grossly inadequate system and replace them with people who have proven talent. Ireland needs to stop intellectualizing this problem and act in protecting our children. Reports will collect dust — our children need protection now.'

Daly reportedly met with the Department of Justice last spring to ask why the alleged rapist Gibney was never prosecuted. Gibney coached swimming teams in Ireland for three decades until he fled the country in 1994. Ireland has never sought to extradite him.

A Garda spokesman told the Examiner that the force avails of and provides training to the highest possible level in the area of child protection. It had no further comment.

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