A pair of the former Irish Prime Minister’s cuff-links attracted interest from U.S. bidder at a charity auction on Wednesday night.

Bertie Ahern's cuff-links, estimated to be worth between €500 and €1,000 ($660 and $1300) were bought by a mystery bidder in New York for €850 ($1119).

Mr Ahern had donated the cuff-links to the Jewels for Cures event, to help raise funds for cancer research.

A Picasso lithograph in its original frame was another item among an array of valuables donated to the special charity auction.

Bono also donated a signed photograph of himself, which was taken in the 1990s by the acclaimed music photographer Colm Henry.

Breast cancer survivor, Alison McCormick was the woman behind the fundraiser, which intends to donate all proceeds to Professor John Crown's Cancer Clinical Research Trust at St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin.

Over 100 people were in attendance at the auction on Wednesday night.

Additional items will be sold on Ebay and it is hoped Jewels for Cures will raise €50,000 ($65,000) for cancer research.