Urban Outfitters are continuing to sell offensive St. Patrick’s Day merchandise despite an outcry from Congressional leaders and the Irish-American community.

The clothing store has still not responded to countless media requests since IrishCentral broke the story.

A trucker hat with the tag-line “Irish Yoga,” featuring a stick figure vomiting shamrocks, is just one of the items which has prompted public outrage.

As well as selling various St. Patrick’s Day themed products in their stories, there is also a designated “St. Patrick’s Day shop” on their website, selling over 30 items such as “Leprechaun Piss” and a “Kiss me I’m drunk or Irish, or whatever” t-shirt.

IrishCentral’s New York office has been inundated with calls, emails, and messages from people voicing their disgust over the flippant portrayal of Irish-American culture.

ABC network, Fox News, Daily Mail and many other outlets have carried stories on the fallout from the products.
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The clothing group was also scorned by congressional leaders this week when an official letter was sent to their Philadelphia base accusing their merchandise of “fueling stereotypes”.

"We recently learned of images used by Urban Outfitters in its St. Patrick's Day clothing line that depict severe and negative stereotypes of Irish and Irish-American people as well as may promote binge drinking," the letter from 10 members of Congress stated.

"We strongly urge you to end the sale of these items." 

The Ancient Order of the Hibernians has called on the public to boycott the clothing brand.

In February, the clothing retailer announced thatTedford Marlow was to return to the company as CEO of the group. Marlow had previously retired in early 2010 as the president of the brand.

Watch an ABC report on the issue below:

Watch a FOX News report on the issue below:

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