Uplift is a new exciting organization with the ambitious vision to build a movement of people across Ireland and living abroad.  

The new organization is working for progressive change. The self-supporting independent organization believes that when you work together towards a common goal a better society can be created.

The aim behind such an initiative is to build a fairer, more inclusive Ireland by bringing people together, taking action and holding decision makers to account on issues we care about.

Uplift provides the tools that enable people who have a shared sense of purpose to use their resources and talents to make a difference. Through internet based campaigning and real-world events they harness and direct energy towards achieving results with speed.

Through online communications tools, members participate in campaigns that help shape Irish society. Campaigns are informed by shared values: to promote social justice, to defend fairness, protect rights, preserve the planet and deepen democracy.

Siobhán O’ Donoghue is the Founding Director of Uplift. The Irish native is set to become a force for change in Irish politics, economy and society.

Speaking to IrishCentral.com Siobhan shared her vision for the initiative.

 ‘We believe that far from being apathetic, Irish people care about the future of society. We care about our democracy, political accountability, corruption, preserving the planet, building a sustainable economy, health, education and many more issues that shape what we are.’

Siobhan is a long time campaigner on social and economic justice issues and has been the Director of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, an award winning social justice organization since 2001. Siobhan is also the Chairperson of the National Women's Council of Ireland.

 ‘Being able to take a stand on the issues that matter, knowing that you will be listened to and that your action can make a difference is at the heart of what it means to live in a democratic society.' says O' Donoghue.  

Uplift is ultimately about building civic power, is totally independent of any political party and is informed by progressive values.

Using leading edge technology, Uplift will be able to connect people where ever the live. ‘The beauty of combining ‘tried and tested ‘campaign tactics with new technology based tools is the potential to involve and reach people in huge numbers very quickly, reaching agreement on what we want to do together and taking a wide range of actions all directed towards an agreed goal.

Whether you live in West Clare and have no access to transport or live in New York or Sydney and can only get home every second year, you will be able to participate and know that your voice and contribution is part of a collective effort’.

 ‘The Irish diaspora have an important role in ensuring democracy deepens and becomes more accountable.  The forced exodus of Irish citizens in recent years has been one of the most stark reminders of how deeply flawed our politics and economy is’ .

The failure to give Irish emigrants a formal vote, barriers in accessing social protection and education for those returning to Ireland are just some of the examples of how Irish emigrants are actively excluded added the co-founder of Uplift.

 Uplift can become a powerful voice in Ireland on the concerns of its diaspora.  ‘This is a priority for me as Founding Director’ says Siobhan

 ‘Coming to New York to meet and engage with people who care deeply about Ireland is a giant first step for us.   I truly believe in the potential of people power to make a difference.  That belief combined with world-class technology is a recipe for successes she concluded.  

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