After six hours of deliberation, a jury found Dublin woman, Tanya Doyle, guilty of stabbing her husband to death at their home in Aylesbury in Tallaght, Dublin, on 4 September 2009. The 40-year-old has been sentenced to life in jail for murdering her 48-year-old husband, Paul Byrne, by stabbing him over 60 times.

In a recording of an emergency call made at the time of the stabbing, Mr Byrne screamed in pain and begged for his life while telling the operator, “My wife is stabbing me, she’s trying to kill me."

Gardai found Tanya Doyle at the scene of the crime covered with her husband’s blood and reportedly told them that she was not sorry as she wanted a fresh start and her husband would not sign over the house.

The victim’s brother, Noel Byrne, said that Tanya never expressed even the smallest amount of remorse for his brother’s “violent and brutal” death, reports. The Dublin woman also showed no emotion or remorse at the reading of the verdict and simply said “Ok, your honour” when Justice Garrett Sheehan jailed her for life.

A Dublin woman accused of killing her husband had stabbed him three years earlier after she learned he had a lap dance in a nightclub, a court heard earlier this week.