A notorious gangland figure from Limerick, recently released from prison and receiving state benefits, spent at least $10,000 on his daughter’s First Holy Communion this weekend.

Wayne Dundon of the McCarthy-Dundon gang in Limerick was released from Wheatfield prison in Britain in March of this year. He had served five years for murder and the assault of two police officers.

He is just back from a luxury holiday in Cancun Mexico and he is now claiming unemployment benefits from the Irish State.

Locals, in downtown Limerick, stopped and starred in shock as a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage stopped outside a public park to take photos.

When Dundon emerged from a white Volkswagen Passat, at its rear, parents began to remove their children from the park.

It is estimated that the Cinderella carriage, designer dresses and the families large meal at a local hotel cost up to $10,000.

Born in the Dundon families presence in Limerick City has caused havoc since his arrival at the beginning of the decade.

The British Home Office had found Dundon so violent that he was served a deportation order. He now resides in Hyde Road, Limerick.

Dundon and his four brothers makeup half of the notorious McCarthy-Dundon gang in Limerick. Along with their cousin’s the McCarthy’s they are involved in an ongoing crime war in Limerick in a bid to gain control over the drug trade in the city.

His father a convicted killer lives in Britain but Dundon and his brothers are now gangland bosses in Limerick City.

In the past he has been convicted of threatening a prison officer in a public toilet. He has served time for handling stolen goods and has dangerous driving and assault raps on his record.

His longest time spent in prison was the result of an incident on December 19, 2004. A barman advised Dundon that his 14-year-old sister could not enter the pub, as she was underage.

Dundon with his hand in the shape of a gun pushed it up to the barman’s head and said "F**k you, you're dead."

Within 30 minutes a man wearing a motorcycle helmet entered the pub and shot the barman twice.

Having been arrested for the murder Dundon then assaulted the two officers who were questioning him at the police station. A ten-year sentence was imposed.

Just weeks after the trial pub was burned down in an arson attack.

Dundon was released from prison in March 2010 having only served five years.